Healys management contract and hotel leases breakfast briefing


Healys management contract v hotel leases breakfast briefing

Management Contracts Vs Hotel Leases - update on current issues

What changes have recently been made with respect to hotel leases from an accounting and tax standpoint? Are hotel management contracts or leases preferred by operators, owners and investors? What the advantages and disadvantages of each, both commercially and legally? Are the days of the long term management contract over? What types of issues most often arise with each between operators and owners?

Moderator:  Katherine Doggrell, editor, HA Perspective, Hotel Analyst

Max Thorne, managing director, hotels & hospitality, JLL
Nick Chandler, partner, KPMG
David Schollenberger, partner, head of hotels, gaming & leisure,  Healys LLP
Jason Wischhoff, VP development, Europe and Africa, Dream Hotel Group
Philip Lassman,  development director, UK & Ireland, IHG

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