Quore workflow management tool creates isolation ward module

Miles Hurley Miles Hurley Uploaded 10 April 2020


Worldwide: Leading hotel workflow management platform Quore has announced the creation of a programme module to help transform hotel wings into isolation wards.

The Quore Aid Programme is in response to many states across the US putting stay-at-home measures in place, and the leasing of hotels to serve as emergency treatment centres.

The app allows hotel staff to limit their own exposure to the virus, removing many face to face interactions and encouraging mobile communication. It also has modified templates to help guide staff through unique sanitation procedures, including isolation room set up and turnover, hand and hygiene protocol, trash collection, and sanitation requirements.

Scott Schaedle, Founder and CEO of Quore said: “We want to support communities across the country in their efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, and enable our hotel customers to contribute in a safe and secure way. Not only does our platform help properties optimize operations, but it enables staff and guests to communicate with little-to-no physical interaction.

“We’re providing a baseline of health and safety precautions each property or location needs to update to be in compliance with local and national guidelines, so each property can quickly adapt to new mandates and remain focused on its new role in ending this pandemic.” 

Many hospitality software providers have created new modules to help solve the global pandemic. Operations platform ALICE added a COVID-19 checklist to their service, while property management service Cloudbeds created a platform to connect hospitality professionals with healthcare providers,

Those in need of the programme can find additional details here at Quore’s website.


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