Makeready adopts ProfitSword Data Management Solutions

Miles Hurley Miles Hurley Uploaded 14 April 2020


US: Hospitality management company Makeready has announced its adoption of business intelligence and data integration platform ProfitSword.

The company hopes to use this addition to rapidly acquire new properties and incorporate them into the company’s portfolio.

Makeready, an American hospitality firm, currently is embarking on a 5-year expansion plan, plans on integrating this solution into any new acquisitions. Though the company previously used an in-house solution, the decision was made to switch to ProfitSword due to its prior experience with wide-scale integration and its ease of use and access.

Eric Deudney, senior vice president of finance for Makeready said: “Our organisation had analyzed different platforms and the option of continuing to utilize our in-house data management system, but partnering with ProfitSword was ultimately the best decision as the company is thoroughly established in this area of expertise and has the technology to ensure a seamless integration process that any organization desiring rapid growth needs.”

ProfitSword’s platform provides a variety of accessible performance metrics, productivity insights, and opportunities for expense oversights. The platform also allows each of its locations to receive unique, custom made reports to specific metrics.

Paul Bennie, ProfitSword director of business development said: “We are honored to have been provided with the opportunity to maximise Makeready's forecasting and budgeting abilities to identify opportunities or risks for future growth, and look forward to continue working with them in implementing our platforms as they continue to acquire new properties."

Makeready recently announced plans to open a new offering, Emeline in Charleston, as well as the property's F+B team leaders.  


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