IQD offers free services for small hospitality businesses

Eloise Hanson Eloise Hanson Uploaded 24 March 2020


UK: IQD, a content marketing agency, is to offer its services complimentary to small business owners and hospitality companies to provide support and guidance through the coronavirus crisis.

Established in 2010, IQD has helped clients such as Central Hotel London, Kanika Hotel Group, and Grecian Park Hotel to increase direct bookings, create a social media presence, and enhance overall brand awareness.

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, IQD is providing help, free of charge, in key areas such as:

- setting up an e-commerce website

- connecting payments

- creating content

- running and overseeing social media adverts

- sending newsletters

Alexander Novicov, CEO of IQD Agency, said: “People still need products and services, and the market is still driving demand. Companies that invest in securing this demand, companies that are investing in these times are increasing brand recognition and brand awareness, will emerge the strongest.”

“Now is the time to adapt and think of a creative strategy to add value to people. You have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the market pullback and get cheaper website traffic.”

Further information on IQD can be found here. 


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