Here To Help London launches to assist key workers during COVID-19

Eloise Hanson Eloise Hanson Uploaded 09 April 2020


UK: The initiative has been established by Tony Matharu, chairman of Integrity International Group, with a number of partners to help London’s key NHS workers and the wider community during the crisis.

Here To Help London is co-sponsored by Handsfree Group, Blue Orchid Hotels, Integrity International Group and Global Hospitality Services.

The initiative has already helped to provide services such as:

  • Safe and independent living accommodation.
  • Food provision and delivery.
  • 24-7 helpline.
  • Soap and hand lotion distribution.
  • Free eggs.
  • Preparation of free pancakes for Easter to be delivered to central London hospitals.
  • Online tutorials and virtual debates.
  • Book delivery.
  • Online therapy and well-being support.

A growing range of partners has helped with the number of services that the initiative offers. Partners include Samaritans, Westminster City Council, JUNIUS, Academy of Ideas, Cento Alla Torre, Signature Brew, Optimiser, Stay Home for a While, and various London Business Improvement Districts to name a few.

Matharu said: “Some three weeks ago, although it seems much longer, and mindful of government advice and directions, I resolved to do whatever I could to assist the London community and specifically London’s essential workers. To date, I am pleased to report that we have already provided over 3,500 room nights, and over 20,000 meals to NHS service providers, key workers, local authority referrals, specialist COVID-19 contractors, those in search of supported self-isolation, together with foreign nationals left stranded due to travel restrictions." 

“I am an advocate of London as the best place in which to live, work, visit and invest. London’s proven resilience, its unrivalled talent pool and public spirited community enable it to overcome difficulties and challenges, as it has in the past, and I am confident it will continue to do so in the difficult times ahead.” 

“The Here to Help London initiative has only been possible because of the passionate and community focused volunteers and partners, to whom I extend my sincere thanks, and those others of my team who have enabled the idea to germinate, develop and respond as the coronavirus challenges have evolved.” 


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