Concept Amenities CEO unveils Soap Aid charity initiative

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 26 July 2012


Australia: Hotel amenities supplier Concept Amenities has established an independent charity called Soap Aid.

Soap Aid will address the lack of soap in third world countries, which it says results in millions of unnecessary deaths, often those of children.

The company is unveiling the initiative at the 12th Annual Australia, New Zealand, & Pacific Hotel Industry Conference (ANZPHIC), which is taken place on July 25th to 27th at the Hilton Sydney.

"Across the globe, 2.6 billion impoverished people lack adequate sanitation1," said Michael Matulick, chief executive officer of Concept Amenities. "It is estimated that 1.8 million children under the age of five die each year due to hygiene related illnesses such as acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease. However, by the simple act of hand-washing with a bar of soap we could potentially reduce the number of these cases by over 40 per cent."

"Every day, thousands of hotels around the world discard millions of pieces of soap, which often ends up in already overflowing landfills. By collecting waste soap and reprocessing it, our industry can help make a significant contribution to two critical objectives-protecting the environment and potentially saving countless human lives," he added.

Concept Amenities is in discussions with a number of charities and distribution companies, to assist in soap collection from hotel properties and proper distribution, of the repurposed soap, to the areas of greatest need.

The company plans to breakdown the used soap, remove impurities and recast the soap into new bars that will bear the Soap Aid logo.
"Soap Aid is a unique opportunity for Concept Amenities to remain true to its core values of promoting eco-consciousness and improving the quality of life on our planet," said Matulick. "With the help of others in our industry, we can save millions of lives together."


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