The Standard Stands Together Relief Fund launches

Eloise Hanson Eloise Hanson Uploaded 24 March 2020


Worldwide: Standard International has launched a fund, seeded by the leadership team at The Standard, to provide financial support to team members who have lost jobs due to the effect of COVID-19.

So far the fund has raised over $79,000, with a set target of $200,000.

100 per cent of the proceeds will be used for the benefit and support of staff that are struggling to maintain essentials such as groceries, medicine, shelter, and health care.

“The global hospitality community has never seen anything like what has occurred over the past week. The mandated shut downs and social distancing has forced us to close our doors, which cuts to the heart of what we love to do. Without any guests, we simply cannot continue to pay our staff. And in this moment, it is those who served our guests and local community day in and day out that are most affected by this unprecedented crisis - our employees,” read a statement published on the group’s GoFundMe page.

“Today, our hearts are with them and those workers in hotels, restaurants and bars around the world facing the same circumstances, some 266 million globally. The impact as a whole is almost unfathomable, and the impact on each individual is all too real.”

Standard Hotels CEO, Amar Lalvani, added: "Despite the big brand names you see, most hotels are owned by small companies or individuals. Hotels are operations that employ lots of people. They have very high fixed costs to operate, and competition is severe. Profit margins are thin, and have been getting thinner even before this crisis. What that means is modest drops in revenue from things like weather hurt profits. Big drops like the financial crisis, bite hard. Epic drops like the past week, kill. We simply cannot pay all of our staff if we have no guests." 

"The government needs to step in now for them to survive on a human level, and for us to be able to reopen when this crisis subsides. This past week the UK government announced measures to cover 80 per cent of employee wages for businesses forced to shut down because of the Covid-19. Our government should follow suit with similar quick, clear, decisive action. If they do not, not only will the personal family tragedies be severe, our ability to reopen our hotels for our communities when this subsides will be impaired." 

Further information on the relief fund, including the option to donate, can be found here. 


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