Miami Hotel School launches online classes

Martha Elwell Martha Elwell Uploaded 14 February 2018


US: Miami Hotel School has announced plans to host online interactive classes

The Miami Hotel School of Innovation (MHS), in partnership with Schreiner University, has announced plans to launch online interactive classes.

The sessions will providing career-enhancing networking events and real-life conferences as a way of learning that can be immediately used and applied to current business situations.

During the 12-month MBA, students will engage in 11 months of training in leading hotel groups of the industry, online accredited courses, and one month of conferences with industry experts and celebrities while studying in MHS Business Incubator alongside successful entrepreneurs and start-ups.

A spokesperson for MHS said: "It is now more clear than ever that in order to maintain the progression and the growth of the hospitality industry, we have to cultivate interactive educational methods that inspire young professionals and allow them to stay aligned with technological and industry advances."


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