Industry needs financial support, says HBAA chair

Martha Elwell Martha Elwell Uploaded 21 November 2017


UK: HBAA chair Louise Goalen gives statement in advance of the Autumn budget

The Hotel Booking Agents Association ( HBAA) chair Louise Goalen has given a statement about what the association would like to see in the Chancellor's Autumn Budget Statement.

She stated: "The industry needs financial support to encourage young people to train in the hospitality sector and a reduction in tourism taxation. This industry really needs financial incentives or assistance for young people to train and to encourage talent in the hospitality and events sector, and the HBAA hopes that the Chancellor will address this in his Autumn Budget Statement."

She added: "As the industry is growing and, at the same time, the number of workers coming into the UK sector from the EU is declining, we need to attract more young people to see the sector as a good career opportunity. Optimising the living wage and providing funds to encourage 16 to 19 year olds to train in the sector would be valuable initiatives to help to address this significant issue."

On the matter of taxation, she said: "With inflation driving up costs at our venues, we'd also welcome any cuts in tourism taxation. The UK's VAT rate on hotel room accommodation, for instance, is one of the highest in Europe. A reduction would be a positive boost to our competitiveness and could help stimulate both inbound events activity and incentivise UK based organisations to hold their events here instead of travelling abroad."


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