Growth in US boutique hotel and Airbnb bookings

Martha Elwell Martha Elwell Uploaded 20 December 2017


US: A report released by 1010data reveals a rise in boutique hotel and Airbnb bookings.

Between November 2015 and October 2017 bookings at boutique hotels in the US grew 43%, according to a new report released by 1010data.

In the same time, bookings through Airbnb increased 49%, while the industry average was just 28%. When comparing the share of bookings year over year, Airbnb surpassed all hotels for the first time and boutiques caught up to Hilton.

According to 1010data, the trend indicates that travellers are seeking out accommodation that feel more like "home" and leaving major hotels for the more personalised and intimate experience that an Airbnb or a boutique can provide.

Across all large hotel groups, between 6% and 10% of lost customers ended up booking an Airbnb in the following year, while between 14% and 22% ended up booking at a boutique in the following year.

Roughly 20% to 30% of hotel chains' lost customers are staying at boutiques and Airbnbs the following year, whilst between 12% and 18% of lost customers are booking at another hotel group instead. And whilst hotels still have more loyal customers than boutiques and Airbnbs, loyalty at boutiques is growing as hotel loyalty declines.


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