Global hotels providing quarantine packages for self-isolating travellers

Miles Hurley Miles Hurley Uploaded 26 March 2020


Worldwide: As hotels find that their usual business has been stymied by the coronavirus, many are turning to unique packages in order to continue making money going forward.

Chains and boutique hotels alike are offering quarantine packages for those interested in self-isolation.

Thailand’s A-One Hotel group is one of the first to offer a self-isolation package within its doors. Its Bangkok and Pattya hotels offer full board packages to Thais or other residents seeking to isolate in their hotels, with the various towels, linens and other essential services handled separately by special staff. 

Rates for these packages have been slashed by 20 per cent as the hotel hopes to gain traffic during an industry wide downturn. Sales and marketing director Shreyash Shah said to Skift: “We hope to get at least some customers with these quarantine packages, as standard tourists will not come during this time.”

A similar tack was taken by the Swiss hotel Le Bijou, who launched their Covid-19 service recently. Unique options include a luxury $500 virus test, as well as twice daily checkups for $1800 and full time care for $4,800.  

Alexander Hübner, the hotel’s co-founder and chief executive, said to The Washington Post: “In the beginning we had just two inquiries a day. Now it’s ramped up to four, five six a day and we just started, I think, one week, 10 days ago.”

Across Asia, groups are following similar patterns with Park Hotel Group and RedDoorz in Singapore creating quarantine packages. Others however are serving as temporary accommodation for those stranded.

Six Senses Koh Yao Noi, located in Phang Na Bay has seen extensions from many guests seeking to “wait out the situation” rather than risk travelling. As Bankgok is in partial lockdown, and as the country seeks to go into full lockdown, many operators have prepared for their guests to be stuck in their facilities. 

Alexander Wallace, CEO of hotel management group Pragma Hospitality is anticipating needy tourists if lockdown continues and the number of international flights fall. He has chosen to keep facilities open, noting: “We will provide food at a reasonable cost and generate some revenue to cover losses.”

Meanwhile, Hong Kong authorities have named hotels a poor location for quarantines as the consistent air conditioning and carpeting make ventilation a concern.

Many hotels have begun serving as emergency housing for medical staff, most recently The Old Palace Lodge in Lincoln. This news comes as the UK has advised all accommodation providers to close their doors for the time being.


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