Ace Hotel to expand to Japan

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 15 April 2018


Japan: Ace Hotel has announced it will open its first Japanese outpost next year in Kyoto.

The property, designed by architect Kengo Kuma will be located in Tetsuro Yoshida's 1920 Kyoto Central Telephone Office building. Kuma, who is also responsible for Tokyo's forthcoming Olympic Stadium, will give the building "a modern update with a wooden grid system and fine louvers and meshes that gently filter light and wind". The scheme will also feature gardens which have existed since the Heian period.

Ace Hotel president Brad Wilson said: "It's been a long-standing dream to put down roots in Japan. We feel incredibly humbled and grateful to make our dreams a reality, creating a space that honours the beauty and history of Kyoto while fostering global connection and cultural innovation."

According to the company, the surrounding neighbourhood sits on the former grounds of an imperial palace and is rumoured to once have been the home of Japanese samurai. Kuma's redesign will embrace this imperial legacy as well as the region's industrial history. "The existing Kyoto central telephone office building was designed by one of the great Japanese modern architects Tetsuro Yoshida," Kuma said. "Every detail and material was thought through to connect the building, land and history together."


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