15,000 boutique hotels are listing on Airbnb

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 24 August 2017


US: Since Airbnb began encouraging boutique hotels to list on its platform, at least 15,000 boutique hotels have signed up.

This number includes more than 100 South Florida boutique hotels which list some, if not all, of their rooms on Airbnb, the company estimates.

"Boutique hotels found a home on Airbnb in large part because they see what they can offer and deliver being similar to our core value proposition, which is to allow people to experience cities in a much more authentic way," said Airbnb spokesman Christopher Nulty. "Certainly it is confusing for us to hear the hotel associations that claim to represent these guys attack Airbnb, considering how many of their members use our platform."

A recent article in the Miami Herald cited the Zenmotel brand as an advocate of listing on Airbnb. Its founder Sheldon Klein said: "With Airbnb our money is guaranteed, the place is insured, we only have to give three per cent (commission). If you are dealing with a realtor or any of the other booking engines, you are paying a fortune for that. So we have blended it. With Booking.com, you re not really sure when they are coming in or who is coming in, with Airbnb it's a back and forth conversation. We are small enough right now to be able to handle that."


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