The Dundee opens in Oregon's wine country

Miles Hurley Miles Hurley Uploaded 03 April 2020


US: A 22-room boutique hotel in Oregon’s Willamette Valley has opened this past week.

The Dundee is now open in the heart of the pacific northwest’s wine country, having been renovated from a prior property.

Portland-based Embarcadero Hospitality Group purchased The Inn at Red Hills, transforming the property into a boutique property. The full hotel now has two extra rooms and fully renovated facilities.

Sondra Storm, Embarcadero CEO said to Oregon Wine Press: “We saw a huge opportunity with all the growth and activity taking place in the Willamette Valley. And, of course, [the city of] Dundee has this incredible reputation and name in terms of wine.”

The city of Dundee is in the heart of Oregon’s wine country, with unique features designed to supplement this. Guests can participate in tasting menus featuring wines from five nearby wineries, all without ever leaving the hotel’s property.

The hotel also features a similarly luxurious restaurant, the Babica Hen Café, which focuses on farm to table cuisine. Additional amenities include meeting facilities, a six-person “squad room” designed for families, furnishings designed by local artisans, and an executive suite for longer stays.

Oregon has become a popular spot for those looking to invest in the hotel industry. OLS Hotels and Resorts and Icelandic brand KEX opened their first Portland locations over the past year.


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