Tampa cigar factory to become boutique hotel

Amy Horsfield Amy Horsfield Uploaded 28 March 2019


US: The Balbin Brothers Cigar Factory has been taken over by developers who plan to turn it into a boutique hotel.

The long-abandoned building currently sits empty on Howard Ave. in Tampa, Florida - but developers plan to start turning it into a boutique Best Western Sadie hotel this winter.

Developer Mike Desai said: "The exterior will be historic and the interior will be modern."

He added the upscale hotel will have about seventy rooms and believes it will revitalise the neighbourhood.

"We believe a few restaurants will come in and we are thinking some of these old houses will be purchased by developers and others businesses will come in," said Desai.

Joe Coronado lives in the neighbourhood and supports the project, but he hopes developers don't change the neighbourhood's character.

He said: "It would be nice to see it kept like it is. Keep west Tampa, west Tampa."


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