Spain’s first microbrewery hotel to debut next year

Eloise Hanson Eloise Hanson Uploaded 23 July 2019


EU: The four-star Maravilla Palace in Estepona will be brewing craft beer in the basement of its 49-room boutique hotel.

Set to open on the Costa del Sol in January 2020, the €1 million factory will be part of the Silken chain - a collection of 31 hotels spanning Spain, Andorra, and abroad.

The German beer brand Ellerbrau will help supply the two bars in Maravilla using methods dating back to 1516.

The microbrewery is said to employ 25 members of staff in order to pump out 300,000 litres of beer a year, and has struck a deal with the German University of Deomens to supports its brewers.

The hotel has been described by its creator, Richard Eller, as a "centre of culture for the people of Estepona." The project is overseen by Estepona Mayor, Jose Maria Garcia Urbano.

Located on Calle Real near Plaza de las Flores, the hotel will also feature a fine-dining restaurant offering local and international cuisine.


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