Loughborough University to build athlete hotel

Martha Elwell Martha Elwell Uploaded 19 October 2017


UK: Loughborough University is creating Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel

Loughborough University is building a 4-star Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel (EAC).  The facility will be run by Imago Venues, Loughborough University's hotel, conference and events provider.

The hotel will be located in Loughborough University's world-class sporting facilities. It will cater to athletes, businesses and fitness enthusiasts.

The hotel will feature 20 altitude rooms, eight dedicated accessible bedrooms, a nutrition lounge, café and athletes' relaxation area and seminar space for 30. Packages will include access to the UK's leading coaches, sports scientists and support staff.

Loughborough University's Executive Director of Sport, John Steele said: "The Elite Athlete Centre is an outstanding addition to Loughborough's already excellent sporting heritage and combines with existing facilities to provide a truly world class venue for high performance athletes and teams."  

Emma Boynton, Head of Sales and Marketing at Imago Venues said: "The EAC is not just an exciting addition to our portfolio, it is also an opportunity to further demonstrate our position as a global leader in the provision of inspiring and aspirational accommodation, conference and events spaces. Loughborough University has the confidence in Imago Venues to operate the new facility; not just because of our historic commercial success but our ability to deliver exceptional customer service to each and every individual that walks through our doors." 


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