Hotel built over 2,300-year old ruins

Eloise Hanson Eloise Hanson Uploaded 25 March 2020


Turkey: The Museum Hotel Antakya, a luxury hotel located in the former Roman city of Antioch, is built directly over and around an archaeological site that is home to the world’s largest single-piece floor mosaic.

Designed by Turkish architect Emre Arolat, the hotel’s five floors are suspended above the ancient findings below.

The ruins, unearthed by accident after ground was broken for the hotel, includes the world’s first marble statue of the Greek god Eros discovered entirely intact, and 35,000 other artefacts dating back to the third century.

The lowest floor of the hotel houses the museum, with the reception, bars and restaurants located in the floors above and connected by walkways. 

Its 200 rooms offer guests a birds-eye view of the four-acre archaeological site below.  

“The original plan before the excavations began was to build a 400-room concrete city hotel, but after the discoveries it was impossible for the project to be carried out as such,” said Sabiha Asfuroğlu Abbasoğlu, CEO of Asfuroğlu Group’s tourism and hotel division, the company behind the development.

The project is said to have costed the Asfuroğlu Group more than $120 million, and took longer than 10 years to complete.


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