Historic guestbook to take centre stage in refurbishment

Martha Elwell Martha Elwell Uploaded 07 November 2017


UK: Historical guestbook to take pride of place in Fishers Hotel refurbishment

A guestbook that counts former Prime Minister William Gladstone and philanthropist Andrew Carneagie among its famous entrants will take centre stage at Fishers Hotel, Pitlochry as the hotel's £2million refurbishment nears completion.

The entries into the guestbook date back to 1892. They showcase the popularity of the hotel in the 1800s, with many of Britain's elite visiting the Scottish highlands. The book also highlights the hotel's reputation as of the most iconic and historic hotels within the region.

The book will be displayed prominently in the newly refurbished hotel. The extensive refurbishment project has seen the creation of 30 new rooms within the hotel giving a new room count of 140. The project has also seen the creation of new special occasion rooms, with many of the original features including period fireplaces being re-instated.

Brian Wishart, general manager of Fisher's Hotel, said; "This guest book arrived back with us a couple of years ago and we were astounded that such a record of history had been maintained and preserved during two world wars. It offers proof of what has long been a myth that these prominent figures stayed here during their heyday. As we progress to the final stages of our refurbishment, it was important to recognise our history and celebrate the Hotel's future."

The renovation is set to be completed by the end of the year.


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