Fattal adds latest Tel Aviv property

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 29 July 2019


Israel: Fattal Hotels is to open a boutique hotel in a historic building near Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv.

The property will be in a historic building which is part of Tel Aviv's UNESCO listed White City. The Bauhaus-inspired building was designed in 1937 by architect Joseph Neufeld and was used by a pharmaceutical company before being acquired by The Kabbalah Centre in 1995 as a study school.

Fattal Hotels will be investing NIS 50 million (about US$14 million) into transforming the centre into a luxury boutique hotel, which is scheduled to open in 2021. It will be Fattal's eighth hotel in Tel Aviv. The company, which has 40 properties across Israel, has a 24.5-year lease on the building.

The property will feature 90 rooms spread over nearly 4000 square metres, and will be named The Kabala Centre. The design will be a collaborative effort between Feigin Architects firm and interior architect Ari Shaltiel.

Assaf Fattal, the company's business manager, said: "This is an urban and unique product in a very attractive location. The new hotels will provide a solution for tourists coming to Tel Aviv for leisure and business purposes, and for Israelis seeking an urban vacation in a boutique hotel close to all points of interest in the city of Tel Aviv."


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