Dublin boutique hotel gets Jazz Age refurbishment

Miles Hurley Miles Hurley Uploaded 14 April 2020


Ireland: Dublin boutique hotel Number 31 has finished off its renovation project, theming its second half around the Jazz Age.

The hotel first began renovation in 2014 at the behest of American investor Richard Driehaus.

The hotel is split into two distinct halves - a newly restored Georgian townhouse and a modernist coach-house, connected by a courtyard garden. The renovation first began with a renovation of the mews to give it an aesthetic of “modern Irish design with an eclectic twist.”

Dublin based interior designer Nigel Howard, who had worked on Driehaus’ second property, Staunton on the Green, led the new design, centred around the Art Deco style. The wing contains panels from the original Ziegfeld Theatre in New York, designed by Joseph Urban, father of Art Deco. 

Driehaus, a native of Chicago, made many visits to Dublin while overseeing the renovation. The hotel’s aesthetic is inspired by his own love of classical architecture, which he has sponsored an award for and created a museum of his own for.  

Howard said to The Irish Times: “We were keen to restore the original features, and at times it felt like a contradiction to put an art deco spin on a Georgian building. When you see things in isolation – like the dark green, almost black skirting and banisters – you wonder will it really work. 

“But you have to believe in your design. Richard is very happy with the result.” 

The new wing was briefly opened in February and will be reopened once the global crisis has passed.  

Many other hotels are undergoing renovations, including an Edinburgh members club and Somserset Hill in New Jersey.


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