Dolce launches Trails of Discovery

Martha Elwell Martha Elwell Uploaded 06 December 2017


UK: Dolce Hotels and Resorts has launched ‘Trails of Discovery’ to encourage guests to explore natural surroundings

Dolce Hotels and Resorts has launched 'Trails of Discovery', a programme designed to help guests explore hotels' surroundings.

The trails are tailored to the areas surrounding various Dolce hotels. The trails will lead through winding vineyards, historic landmarks, and even a UNESCO World Heritage site. Each trail has been curated in partnership with locals.

Trails of Discovery are currently available at five Dolce hotels in Europe, each tucked away in beautiful surroundings in France (Dolce Frégate Provence and Dolce Chantilly), Belgium (Dolce La Hulpe Brussels), Spain (Dolce Sitges) and Portugal (Dolce CampoReal Lisboa).

Each trail features a different theme and takes between four to five hours to complete. The trail are designed to help groups of all sizes find the best an area has to offer through a series of activities involving clues, on-site challenges and fun adventures.

Patrick Divall, Regional Vice President for Western Europe, Wyndham Hotel Group said: "Dolce is a brand designed to inspire discovery. From exceptional events to motivating resort destinations, each hotel is set in breath-taking surroundings which turn guests' experiences into something memorable. With Trails of Discovery we want to help our guests explore the breadth of our stunning locations. Each hotel has something unique to offer, something that goes beyond the expected, and that's why we've partnered with a team of influencers to provide our guests with insider tips from real locals."


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