Columbus Westerville-Polaris Hotel names restaurant

Martha Elwell Martha Elwell Uploaded 13 March 2018


US: Renaissance Columbus Westerville-Polaris Hotel has announced the name of its restaurant

The soon-to-opened Renaissance Columbus Westerville-Polaris Hotel has announced the name of its in-house restaurant following a local competition to select the name.

The hotel ran a contest to name their restaurant whilst increasing followers on social media and building buzz around the opening. The winner of the contest was Chris Carlisle, a Westerville resident, who selected the "21st Amendment", recognizing the community's rich history in prohibition.  Westerville housed the headquarters of the Anti-Saloon League and earning the nickname of the "Dry Capital of the World."
Chris' submission resulted in the restaurant being named "The Two-One". He will receive a free overnight stay as well as dinner for four at the restaurant.

Commenting on the announcement, Carlisle said: "The naming of the restaurant was based on historical milestones in Westerville's history. Westerville took a leadership role in the United States with the Anti Saloon League leading the charge for Prohibition.  The passing of the 21st amendment took Westerville off of the national stage. The citizens of Westerville passed legislation to allow alcohol to be served in Uptown Westerville and the culture of Westerville took a new direction.  The Uptown community is a vibrant part of Westerville.  The word Renaissance means "awaking" or "rebirth".  We are excited that the Renaissance Westerville will bring a "rebirth and awakening" to the future of Westerville as a destination location for local, regional and national businesses and people of all walks of life."


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