Canberra's Diplomat Hotel relaunches by supporting emergency accommodation initiative

Paul Stevens Paul Stevens Uploaded 16 October 2018


Australia: The iconic Diplomat Hotel in Griffith is celebrating its relaunch after undergoing a $2 million refurbishment by supporting an emergency accommodation initiative.

After 18 months of work, the 'Diplomat - a Roundside Hotel' was relaunched at an event on 11 October and became the latest historic Canberra hotel to be substantially renovated.

Managing director for Roundhouse Hotels, Hugh Cooke, said: "Diplomat has become part of the movement of renovating and revitalising Canberra's heritage hotels.

"We were very proud to have the professional expertise of Blainey North who provided the design and inspiration for the refurbishment and assisted us in implementing her vision at the highest possible standard.

"Once again we have a beautiful iconic boutique hotel that fits with the quality service we will continue to provide," he added.

The renovation of the 67-room hotel included a refurbishment of the foyer/reception, bar, restaurant and all the accommodation rooms including an upgrading of the bathrooms.

The hotel's conference room, the Attaché room, was also refurbished. Mr Cooke said the intimate conference space was much loved for both day meeting and evening events, as shown by its selection by the Malta High Commission as the venue for the Malta National Day celebration.

The relaunch also provided an opportunity for Roundhouse Hotels to pledge its support for people needing emergency accommodation and medical treatment.

Cooke said: "In addition to the launch of the Diplomat, we are thrilled to provide support of the Rooftop Foundation, a fantastic local initiative which assists people in their time of need by providing emergency accommodation."

Rooftop Foundation aims to support families with affordable relief accommodation at times of medical need. The Foundation offers support to families when they are away from home due to a loved one having medical treatment.

Roundhouse Hotels is also raising money for the Rooftop Foundation to provide 100 room nights in a year via free and discounted accommodation.

Guests to the relaunch event were invited to purchase a pillowcase for $50, with the money going directly to the Rooftop Foundation.

Cooke added: "Our guests can sleep easy knowing they've helped others to sleep a little easier."

Marc Wilson, Chair of Rooftop Foundation Inc., said it was the first time Rooftop had received such a level of support, and Diabetes NSW/ACT would be one of the first direct beneficiaries.

All funds raised will go directly towards benefiting Diabetes NSW/ACT patients and their families.

People coming from regional areas for treatment in Canberra can stay at one of the Roundhouse Hotel Group's centrally located rooms.

Wilson said: "We need more hotels like Roundhouse that include social responsibility at the core of their brand."


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