Boutique hotel planned for Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 04 December 2018


Australia: Developers S. Group and Simon McDermott are set to reveal plans for Our Cradle, a 62-room boutique hotel on Cradle Mountain.

Our Cradle will "welcome visitors to the heart of the World Heritage Area and offers an intimate view of Tasmania's crowning jewel with state-of-the-art architecturally-designed accommodation suites". Private walking tracks around the property and stargazing facilitates are also planned.

McDermott said: "It has been invaluable for me to have partnered with S. Group for this development, especially being my first. Given the scale of the project and the delicate nature of the area, their support and strategic vision have been instrumental."

Mr McDermott says locals have an enormous sense of pride in Cradle Mountain. "It's one of those iconic points that we turn to for a sense of identity," he said. "Loving Cradle Mountain, loving that view, it's just in our blood. We want to share that unique view and the feeling of being Tasmanian with everyone who stays at our accommodation."

S. Group director Sam Haberle said: "At its core, it brings Tasmania to the guest. Being able to offer this kind of strategic integration between the architecture, brand and marketing is what sets S. Group apart as a completely unique creative firm."

S.Group director Tara Howell said: "We've taken a holistic approach to the project in terms of creating unity between the design, brand and marketing strategy." 

The development is expected to completed by 2020. It is currently with the Kentish Council for a decision.


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