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George is the editor of Boutique Hotel News, and has more than a decade's experience as a hospitality, property and travel journalist. He regularly contributes to a wide range of international publications and websites.

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Recent Articles

New territory

Blog / 4 weeks ago

It's fascinating to see Sonder - a masterlease operator of high-end apartment buildings - is now moving firmly in to hotel territory.

Drawing the line

Blog / 4 weeks ago

• As the dust settles after the UK election result, it has become clear that the UK is going to leave the European Union, and soon.

No half measures

Blog / 4 weeks ago

As we have come to expect from Accor, when the company decides to do something, it doesn't deal in half measures.

Northern powerhouse

Blog / 4 weeks ago

Manchester's newly burgeoning reputation as a hotel hot spot got a boost in November with the opening of Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs' Stock Exchange Hotel.

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