Alexander Novicov

I’m a public speaker, blogger, vegan, yogi, runner, podcaster and minimalist, but most importantly a human being. I believe that this world needs more passionate people to do stuff they love doing. I love helping people transform themselves, being a bridge for them to find their passion and purpose. I love building meaningful brands that solve people’s problems. Society, our parents and friends taught us that we must live our life a certain way because that’s how the system taught them. I believe that we can make our own rules, think and go beyond these limitations. I started my content marketing agency IQD in 2010 after being fired from an advertising agency. We have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people, create meaningful brand stories for brands (Stella Artois, Holland & Barrett, Pizza Express, Central Hotel London) and execute some fantastic marketing campaigns.

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The value of a strong social media presence

Feature / 3 days ago

Alexander Novicov of IQD Agency highlights the importance of maintaining a strong social media presence for hoteliers and shares some tips on how to improve online image.

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