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Effective Distribution Channels

Feature / 1 week ago

Phan Le, CEO and founder of VLeisure, highlights the five pillars of distribution that hoteliers should rely on to keep their business thriving in a competitive market.

Interview: Michael de Jongh, Avvio

Feature / 23 October 2018

Michael de Jongh, Avvio's chief commercial officer, talks to BHN about Avvio's Allora booking engine and its use of technology to drive direct bookings.

Product portfolio: PMS and RMS software

Feature / 31 August 2018

As cloud software and artificial intelligence have boosted the functionality of property management and revenue management systems, there is a bewildering range on offer.

Cutting out the middleman

Feature / 04 April 2018

Blockchain technology is all about bypassing intermediaries, and is set to have a major impact on hotel distribution and loyalty programs, says Axel von Goldbeck of DWF

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