Exclusive Hotels and Venues renamed as Exclusive Collection

Eloise Hanson By Eloise Hanson
13 August 2019 | Updated 13 August 2019

UK: Surrey-based hotel chain, Exclusive Hotels and Venues, has been renamed as Exclusive Collection to reflect its varied portfolio.

The group operates mainly in the five-star sector, and currently manages four hotels, one pub, two spas, a golf club, and a cookery school.

The logo branding has also been updated, with the traditional crests from before now replaced with a simpler look.

Managing director of Exclusive Collection, Danny Pecorelli, said: "The new name makes us sound more modern and more eclectic, which is a good thing."

"For Exclusive Collection we have created a modern type and icon combination logo, and for each property we've featured a single animal - some of which already occupy a place in the hotel like the sheep at South Lodge - and some like the horse for Royal Berkshire are synonymous with the location," Pecorelli added.

"Using animals is a great way to engender an emotional connection with the properties and seperate them all, whislt giving them a unified look and feel."

As the parent company of South Lodge, near Horsham, the three other luxury hotels in Exclusive Collection are Pennyhill Park in Surrey; Lainston House in Winchester; and Manor House in Wiltshire.

The group also comprises two venues: Royal Berkshire in Ascot, and Fanhams Hall in Herfordshire.

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