Architects reveal plans for the development of Cornwall's Pink Hotel

Eloise Hanson By Eloise Hanson
09 July 2019 | Updated 09 July 2019

UK: Koha Architects have recently proposed its plans for the redevelopment of the Pink Hotel on Pendower Beach.

Koha Architects have recently outlined their vision for the development of Cornwall's Pink Hotel on Pendower Beach.

They intend to retain the original farmhouse as a centre-piece to the development, with plans to include a 14-bedroom boutique hotel and a ground level restaurant.

Alongside this, the architects revealed proposals for a "sympathetic mixed-use regeneration" of the site to include 25 residential apartments, as well as landscaping, environmental, and public amenity improvements.

Such improvements include the removal of existing, on site septic tanks, and replacing these with a high-quality sewage treatment system, as well as reducing the reliance on fossil fuels for heating and cooling purposes.

Koha said it is also working with Cornwall Wildlife Trust to incorporate a wildlife-friendly design and high-quality green infrastructure. To be included are green roofs, planting for biodiversity, and the creation of wet woodland ponds.

The local community initially retaliated against the redevelopment of the derelict Pink Hotel, however, since an exhibition last week at the Shallikobooky Beach Hut Café, Koha reported a significant change in response.

"We believe the result is an exciting scheme which strikes the right balance in regenerating this brownfield site in a way which enhances its setting and achieves many environmental and ecological access," said Gary Wyatt of Koha Architects.

"We are committed as a development team to a proposal of the highest quality which will enhance this unique setting which has become sadly neglected," Wyatt concluded.

Pendower Beach lies within an area of outstanding natural beauty, and is also a site of special scientific interest and a special area of conservation.

In line with these policies, Helen Hastings, the chair of the charity The Friends of Pendower Beach, has expressed doubts in the project: "I am reliably told that, given management costs, it is impossible to run a 14-bedroom hotel for profit, unless the owner runs the hotel himself."

"We will end up with an even larger housing estate on what is, for the present, a completely unspoilt beach and a unique habitat for particular species of wildlife," Hastings said.

She continued: "The scheme they put forward is a distinct improvement, visually, on previous proposals. The fundamental issue, however, is that it still contravenes all the policies which preclude major development in protected landscapes."

Koha Architects said it is keen to receive as much feedback as possible to refine its plans prior to submitting a planning application.

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