Designs being finalised for boutique hotel in East Nashville

Paul Stevens Paul Stevens Uploaded 06 June 2019


US: Designs are in the process of being finalised for a boutique hotel in the works next to Attaboy speakeasy and The Basement East near Five Points in East Nashville.

The four-storey hotel, which has yet to be branded, will replace an auto repair shop at 916 Main Street.

Developer Mark McDonald said: "The walkability of East Nashville is pretty unique, and the bar and restaurant scene is really cool. I think it's only going to get cooler."

The hotel will feature 24 rooms, equally divided between one- and four- bedrooms suites which cater to individual and group travellers alike.

McDonald combined with Mark McGinley to buy the space for $975,000 in April. The development became possible due to federal tax breaks for projects in areas recently designated as "opportunity zones", or low-income neighbourhoods, which require redevelopment.

McDonald said: "The fact that it's in an opportunity zone is just the icing on the cake and it will spur development of East Nashville."

Boutique hotels are now becoming popular investments in East Nashville, with Fieldhouse Jones currently developing a hotel two blocks away and another property at 931 Main Street under construction.

Furthermore, Van Dyke Bed & Beverage opened in Five Points in April and the Russell opened at 819 Russell Street. The latter is a 23-room boutique hotel in a former church, which includes both singles and group suites.


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