Asbury Ocean Club Hotel sets launch date within a month

Paul Stevens Paul Stevens Uploaded 06 June 2019


US: The Asbury Ocean Club Hotel, the luxury boutique hotel from waterfront developer iStar, is set to open in New Jersey time for the fourth of July weekend celebrations.

The 54-room hotel is situated in the Asbury Ocean Club, Surfside Resort and Residences at 1101 Ocean Avenue, a 17-storey luxury building. iStar reported that the entire hotel is located on the fourth floor of the building.

Meanwhile, room prices will range from between $430 and $1,100, according to the hotel website's booking page.

iStar's David Bowd said: "When you arrive, you'll have a moment of relief, of escape from the noise - I'm here, I've arrived, and everything from that moment on will be taken care of. Check-in will not feel like a transaction, but a welcome.

"This is truly a luxury, five-star experience in a modern way. Service is attentive, but a little less formal, and it's more suited to the personality of Asbury Park," he added.

Designer Anda Andrei added in a press release: "There's a kind of magic to being at the beach, in any season or weather, and that's what's captured in every detail of the Asbury Ocean Club Hotel.

"The hotel conveys a feeling you usually have to travel very far to experience - the peace and relaxation of a one-of-a-kind oasis. With that in mind, our design is focused on connecting every guest with gentle dunes and tranquil reflecting pools," she added.

For more information, visit the Asbury Ocean Club Hotel website here.


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