Nuvola partners with Kairos for AI-backed hotel solution

Paul Stevens By Paul Stevens
27 June 2019 | Updated 27 June 2019

Miami: Hospitality software firm Nuvola, a service optimisation and guest engagement software developer, has added Kairos by Nuvola to its suite of solutions for hotels.

Claiming to be the first hospitality software company in the U.S. to offer facial recognition technology, Nuvola has partnered with facial recognition company Kairos to create an AI-backed solution that expedites and personalises a guest's experience from check-in to departure. Layered with added security capabilities, the solution will reduce wait times during transactional moments that require name recognition throughout the guest journey.

Nuvola CEO Juan Carlos Abello said: "Our mission is to bring new technologies to the world of hospitality that can be used as a solution to ease ongoing industry-wide focus points by enhancing operational aspects like security and providing a frictionless experience for each different guest touchpoint. 

"Facial recognition software is a game changer for the industry. By introducing Kairos by Nuvola into the guest journey, our customers will be able to create a heightened level of personalised service and open up a new realm of service options," he added.

Hospitality partners who employ Kairos by Nuvola will expedite their check-in and check-out processes, reduce time spent during transactional moments, enhance security practices and heighten the overall guest experience. Created by Kairos, the facial recognition software will be fully integrated into Nuvola's comprehensive optimisation system and will be supported by security camera hardware.

Kairos chief operating officer Mary Wolff said: "We're thrilled to partner with Nuvola to bring our software to the hospitality industry. We're excited to see the hospitality industry leverage the benefits of facial recognition.

"Through our partnership with Nuvola, we'll be ushering in a new era of innovation to improve and optimise the guest experience," she added.

For more information on Kairos by Nuvola, visit the website here.

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