Plans submitted for Houston boutique hotel

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 10 May 2019


US: The Houston Planning Commission is considering plans for a high-end, nine-room boutique hotel in Montrose, Houston.

The project, by Goodnight Hospitality, will be located on Dunlavy Street. A variance request has been submitted to permit a hotel with less then 75 rooms in a residential area.

Goodnight Hospitality is a partnership between David Keck, Felipe Riccio, Peter McCarthy and June Rodil.

The hotel will occupy 2509 Dunlavy Street, a site that was most recently a small apartment community. Last year, Goodnight Hospitality hired JTB Services, a Houston demolition company, to tear down the two apartment structures. The partners started the demolition process in 2017 and took title to the property in April 2018, according to county land records.

The partners noted on their application that recent redevelopment has accelerated the neighbourhood's conversion into a walkable community with restaurants, coffee shops and shopping catered to a wide range of interests.

"The lively, diverse, and unique qualities that create Montrose's charm make it a prime destination for out of town guests who seek an authentic Houston experience. A strong Airbnb presence and a handful of residences billed as hotels show the need for additional, established lodging options within Montrose," the application said.

The Montrose Hotel, as it will be known, is three stories - a height that is of appropriate scale in context to adjacent properties, the partners claim.

Goodnight Hospitality hopes to begin construction in Q4 of this year and complete construction in late 2020.

HR Design Department (HRDD) prepared the architectural concept renderings for the hotel. In its project description, HRDD said, "The building holds the front building setback with a lush landscaped wall and perforated brick screen that provides a softly glowing lantern along Dunlavy Street in the evening. A small bar and lounge occupies the ground floor and opens onto a landscaped outdoor living space. The compact, three story hotel's rooms orient towards the private courtyard space and a large green roof over covered parking."


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