Croatian hotel and spa opens its doors

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 28 April 2019


Croatia: Ikador Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa in Opatija has opened to guests.

Described as "a new ultraluxe hospitality project created by renowned Croatian entrepreneur Pavo Zubak" the spa element has been created by international spa consultants Illyria Wellness.

"Two thousand years ago, a water springs goddess named Ika was revered all along this coastline. Today, Ika's springs still rise up through the salty Adriatic in the place that bears her name," said Liz Ugrin, co-founder of Illyria Wellness. "The Amber Road of the ancients also passed through this place, so as I set out to define the spa concept and develop wellness rituals, the stories began pouring out from the abundance of antiquity - just like Ika's springs."

Pavo Zubak, founder of Zubak Grupa, said: "The Opatija Riviera has long been a place of inspiration for musicians, intellectuals, and writers. But at Ikalia Spa, we are tapping into why so many artists - from Puccini to Isadora Duncan - felt called here for renewal. There is a mystery in Ika, just below the surface, that has attracted seekers not just for hundreds of years, but thousands."

Ikalia Spa sources artisan natural ingredients for its treatments, such as pure Baltic Amber powder, local olive crush, organic distilled plant oils, and premium plant-based skin care featuring Croatian spring waters.


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