Boutique hotel with a focus on culinary experiences opens in Athens

Amy Horsfield Amy Horsfield Uploaded 25 March 2019


Greece: Ergon House, a brand-new boutique hotel designed for visitors who want to explore new culinary experiences, has opened in Athens.

Brothers Thomas and Giorgos Douzis, two young Greek entrepreneurs, have distilled their long experience in the sector of modern Greek delis into a project.

The ground floor is occupied by the Agora, a literal interpretation of the ancient Greek concept of a public assembly and market space. It also features a greengrocer, fishmonger and butcher stalls, a bakery, counters stocked with cured meats and cheeses as well as shelves packed with Greek products sourced from small-scale producers around the country.

Hotel guests can take their fresh produce to the common kitchens upstairs and prepare meals. In-house chefs offer advice and cooking classes.

Architects, hospitality specialists, consultant gardeners, coffee connoisseurs, top chefs and bar experts make up the team behind Ergon House.


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