The Holcombe Inn sold to LucasGardiner

Eloise Hanson Eloise Hanson Uploaded 27 November 2019


UK: Christie & Co has completed the sale of the Holcombe Inn, a five-star property with an award-winning restaurant in Bath.

The property has been purchased by Caroline Gardiner and Alan Lucas of LucasGardiner Ltd, a London-based catering, consultancy and event company.

Gardiner trained at L'Ecole de Cuisine Francaise in Sussex, whereas Lucas has more than 20 years of experience in fine dining cuisine. Gardiner will run the operations and logistics of the company, whilst Lucas and his team will focus on food production.

They comment: "The plan was always to move away from the hustle and bustle of London and create something unique and food-led in the countryside and we were very lucky to find The Holcombe Inn that is already a very established food-led business, with a great team and ethos".

Gary Boyce, director at Christie finance, added: "Recognising Caroline and Alan's significant experience in the sector and give their success at forming and growing LucasGardiner Ltd, we were able to build a compelling business case to present tot banks on their behalf. The Holcombe Inn enables them to use their expertise and contacts to expand the already profitable and popular business. The addition of a quality event catering offering alongside the core business will further diversify income and awareness and I expect this to be a great success".


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