Fort Worth developer plans boutique hotel

Amy Horsfield By Amy Horsfield
02 January 2019 | Updated 02 January 2019

US: The Dickies Arena in Fort Worth is planning to host its first event in 2019.

Jonathan Morris, developer and Arlington Heights resident, said: "There's a great energy, a great vibe that people are tying into and we want to be a part of that."

Morris, along with his wife Kathrine and business partner, recently purchased a warehouse just blocks from the arena, with plans to turn it into a 19-room boutique hotel.

Morris said: "We want to be on the front end of creating something special, that appeals to a creative class of travellers and people who want to feel a connection to the city when they come to Fort Worth."

Marshall Harris, Arlington Heights artist, said: "My wife and I live a couple blocks away and it's interesting to see the energy that's being created by all of the construction."

Both Harris and Morris believe an increase in traffic will be good for the neighbourhood, offering new opportunities and giving visitors a chance to see a part of Fort Worth that is sometimes passed by.

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