OTA bookings still on the rise in Europe

Amy Horsfield By Amy Horsfield
10 January 2019 | Updated 11 January 2019

Phocuswright Research says online travel agencies (OTAs) operating in the European market find themselves in an interesting position in 2018.

Phocuswright Research says OTA bookings continue to climb in Europe. They discovered that in 2018, the supplier-OTA channel reached €47.9 billion. They also found that as OTA bookings grow at roughly half the pace of the supplier-direct channel, modest growth is projected for the next several years. Their research also stated that in terms of OTA channel distribution, growth has become uneven; while desktop bookings are projected to be flat for the next few years, OTA mobile bookings are projected to skyrocket. Phocuswright predicted that by 2022, more than a third of European supplier-OTA bookings will be transacted via mobile websites and apps.

Historically, OTAs have focused more on technology than have travel suppliers.

Phocuswright stated that a range of factors contribute to the relative importance of OTAs in a particular category. Their research said that for traditional airline carriers, the supplier-OTA channel captures a significant amount of online bookings. Phocuswright went onto say that OTAs barely register a blip in terms of online low-cost carrier bookings, but said that in the fragmented hotel segment OTAs (led by market leader Booking.com) have been dominant.

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