Renovated Bessborough Hotel to join Marriott’s Autograph Collection

George Sell By George Sell
22 August 2018 | Updated 22 August 2018

Canada: Saskatoon's Delta Bessborough hotel will undergo an extensive renovation and rebranding, starting in early 2019.

General manager Martin Gilbert confirmed the hotel will be rebranded to become part of Marriott's Autograph Collection of boutique hotels.

"It will affect obviously all the floors: lobby, mezzanine, conference floor and there will be some touch-up in the guest rooms," said Gilbert.

He said the Bessborough will keep the Delta title until the renovations are complete late next year. A branding company will be responsible for creating a new vision for the appearance of the hotel and the new interior look will be decided at a meeting in September. "I will suspect that they will be able to put the historical side of the Bessborough even more on the forefront," said Gilbert.

The Delta Bessborough opened in 1935 and was built by the Canadian National Railway.

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