OTA Insight releases Revenue Insight

Martha Elwell By Martha Elwell
08 March 2018 | Updated 08 March 2018

UK: OTA is announcing the wide release of their latest business intelligence solution, Revenue Insight

OTA Insight has announced the release of its new business intelligence solution Revenue Insight.

The tool delivers hotel analytics by combining historical and future performance for a hotel. The company has also announced that following a successful testing at beta stage,  Highgate, the premier real estate investment and hospitality management company, will begin the roll out of Revenue Insight to its portfolio of properties.

Alexis Warburton, regional director of revenue management at Highgate said: "In the past six months, we've seen a total revenue increase of over $400,000 and an RGI increase of 7.4% YoY by shifting business to more profitable segments at our 200+ room beta property."

Ankur Randev, Highgate's chief revenue officer added: "Highgate is excited to be working with OTA Insight. We had been searching for the best analytics technology that could give us the advantage to maximize our revenue across our portfolio. With the new Revenue Insight platform, we have the next level of business intelligence we need to stay ahead of the competition."

The platform allows hoteliers to measure their business by monitoring market segments, channels, source markets and groups. It allows hoteliers to understand stay patterns by comparing length of stay, the days of week guests are staying at their hotel, room types, and more parameters that drive profitable revenue.

Adriaan Coppens, CEO and co-founder at OTA Insight said: "Our goal at OTA Insight is to make hotel level reporting simpler, better and faster. We are thrilled to release Revenue Insight and are looking forward to helping hotels build a more successful revenue strategy."

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