Elewana Collection to stream wildlife activity from camp’s watering hole

George Sell By George Sell
09 November 2018 | Updated 11 November 2018

Tanzania: The Elewana Collection has teamed up with webcam provider Deckchair to stream wildlife activity at the Elewana Tarangire Treetops resort.

Located on an ancient elephant migration route, the Elewana Collection's Tarangire Treetops is located in the 32,500 acre Randilen Wildlife Management Area. This is part of the larger Tarangire ecosystem which includes Tarangire National Park.

Tarangire Treetops, one of the original the Elewana properties of the now 15, was renovated by the founder of the Elewana Collection, entrepreneur Karim Wissanji, on what he has previously described as a "completely emotional decision"

The area used to rely on professional hunting safaris and poaching, Wissanji purchased the camp on the strict condition that hunting would be phased out and replaced with photographic safaris. The local community have benefited with large investments by Elewana in jobs, infrastructure such as schools and ultimately the wildlife who can now roam within this protected area.

"Nothing replaces being with us and the wildlife in person at the Tarangire Treetops," said Mike Sanders, group director of projects and developments. "We wanted to give people an authentic taste of the unique location we have and the relationship that our guests build with the wildlife during their stay. Our guests are at near touching distance from them on the terrace of the camp. With the Deckchair Platform we are enabling potential guests to see what we see in real time, and if they've missed a moment, they can come back on our website and be inspired by the archives of captured images and video."

"Wildlife webcams have been used before, but this is a world first with this technology, to what is essentially an automated professional wildlife photographer/cinematographer capturing every moment from the Treetops in 4K," said Chevy Kelly, managing director of Deckchair. "Travellers can now tune in to the elephants, zebra, lions, baboons and hyena and a wealth of other animals that make up Africa's unique and abundant wildlife. They all frequent the watering hole at the camp's doorstep and the new live view gives an authentic glimpse to potential and returning guests of how wonderful a stay truly is."

You can tune into the wildlife view anytime from the Tarangire Treetops by clicking here.

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