Aberdeenshire hotel project to get planning green light

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 18 August 2017


UK: Proposals for a boutique hotel at the Udny Arms Hotel in Newburgh, Aberdeenshire, have been granted approval.

The hotel will reopen with 12 en-suite rooms and a manager's flat, while an existing annexe would be demolished to make way for five terraced townhouses.

The hotel closed in 2013 for significant renovation work. The bar and restaurant reopened in late 2013 and the hotel in February 2014, but the function suite remained closed. The premises, including the bar and restaurant, were put up for sale in September 2014, before being sold to ECS Investments Ltd in March last year.

A statement from ECS said: "The proposals would reduce the scale of the hotel and refurbish the original buildings, in order to provide a five-star boutique hotel."

Foveran Community Council supported the application, saying it would improve facilities in Newburgh, but questioned whether the five townhouses were in keeping with the rest of the village.

A report by Stephen Archer, the director of infrastructure services at Aberdeenshire Council, recommended the councillors allow planners to grant the approval under delegated powers. He said: "The Udny Arms Hotel has been a long established facility within the centre of Newburgh and its retention and refurbishment to reopen as a hotel and eatery are support by policy and welcomed by the planning service. The redevelopment of this site for a mixed use development will allow this site to become a positive attribute to the centre of Newburgh, regenerating this site. This proposed development not only allows for an existing business and local facility to reopen, but contributes to the variety of house types that could be on offer within the village."


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