KRM launches MODIO

Martha Elwell By Martha Elwell
06 November 2017 | Updated 06 November 2017

Canada: K.R. Moeller Associates debuts sound masking technology for hotel guest rooms

Global developer and manufacturer of sound masking technology, K.R. Moeller Associates (KRM), has launched a sound masking device designed for hotel guest rooms.

MODIO cancells unwanted noise in guest rooms. It works by covering up intruding noises or reduces their disruptive impact by minimizing the amount of change between volume peaks and the guest room's baseline background sound level.

Prior to MODIO's launch, KRM implemented its commercial sound masking system, LogiSon Acoustic Network, in properties for Hilton, Marriott, Fairmont, The Ritz Carlton, and Dream Hotel, as well as the Roxy Hotel (formerly Tribeca Grand) and Fogo Island Inn. MODIO incorporates the lessons learned from LogiSon.

Niklas Moeller, Vice President, KRM said: "Many hotel guest rooms exhibit the type of acoustic conditions we've successfully addressed in offices over the last forty years. Basically, their low ambient level makes it very easy for occupants to hear noises occurring in other areas, whether it's from a conversation, television or telephone, mechanical or plumbing equipment, car or airplane traffic, the hotel's pool or bar. These noises irritate guests and disrupt their sleep."

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