Floating boutique hotel opens in Bahrain

George Sell By George Sell
16 May 2016 | Updated 16 May 2016

Bahrain: C-Hotel, a 14-room floating hotel has opened in Manama’s Al Fateh Corniche.

Bahrain: C-Hotel, a 14-room floating hotel has opened in Manama's Al Fateh Corniche.

The $5 million project is built on the base of an old house boat at Coral Bay and is believed to be the first of its kind in the region. Launched by Seven Leisure Group, the property is the newest addition to the Hotel des Charmes group.

"This is a boutique hotel offering a five-star experience to guests by providing different facilities. It's a unique project that was started with small investment and it took three years of work to complete," said Seven Leisure Group owner Akram Miknas.

"I bought the hotel from a prominent family in Bahrain and decided to convert it into a luxury hotel on a docked boat. It took us three years to make the changes, including designs approved by a marine architect, Italian interior décor, furniture and other facilities in the rooms," he added.

The C-hotel had a soft launch in December and has since averaged 80 per cent occupancy.

Guests have access to a spa, a gymnasium, and several restaurants.


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