Airbnb announces first European hospitality collaboration with Châteaux & Hôtels Collection

George Sell By George Sell
16 December 2016 | Updated 16 December 2016

France: Airbnb and Châteaux & Hôtels Collection have announced a partnership “centered on a common vision for hospitality”.

France: Airbnb and Châteaux & Hôtels Collection have announced a partnership "centered on a common vision for hospitality".

As part of Airbnb's recently launched Trips service Châteaux & Hôtels Collection has created four gourmet experiences, overseen by chef Alain Ducasse and exclusive to Airbnb, that will be offered to travellers.

Emmanuel Marill, general manager for France at Airbnb, said: "Last month, we unveiled the most significant development in our eight year history as Airbnb moved beyond accommodation with the launch of Trips. Today, we're thrilled to partner with one of the most iconic groups in travel. We share the same commitment to provide unique, local experiences from people and communities with fascinating talents and skills."

The experiences are:
• Learn the secrets of modern French cooking with head chef Gilles
Visit local food markets with Gilles, a celebrated head chef from Châteaux & Hôtels Collection, leading his renowned restaurant, Citrus Etoile which is just a short stroll from the magnificent Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe.  His signature French cuisine evokes the flavours of Asia and California and his creative use of ingredients and extraordinary talent will inspire even the most practiced cook. 
• Discover the art of chocolate making with world renowned French chocolatier Nicolas
Nicolas will share some of the technical skills required for artisan chocolate making, focusing on Alain Ducasse's signature chocolate types, such as ganaches and pralines.  As only the finest ingredients and traditional methods are being used, travellers will grasp the subtle textures and flavours associated with high quality chocolate.
• Understand the intricate art of mixology with Marjolaine, a leading expert bartender & cocktail creator
Marjolaine is renowned for her novel creations (like Aux Innocents and Marie Louve) and reinterpreted classic cocktails with a preference for bitters and her own signature style at the recently opened Champeaux restaurant, a 21st century brasserie in central Paris. Her inspiration for Champeaux is drawn from the history of Les Halles and ingredients that celebrate the heritage of this old market place, including fruits, vegetables, foliage, flowers and cereals.
• Behind the scenes at Alain Ducasse's cooking school with Alexandra
The Alain Ducasse Cooking School situated in the heart of Paris has welcomed ambitious amateur cooks for several years to its extensive and elegantly designed common areas, including four workshop kitchens and a wine cellar. Alexandra, director at the cooking school, will be offering an exclusive tour and uncovering the wealth of knowledge and expertise provided by the chefs at the school. The experience will also include a special wine tasting session, cooking lesson and lunch.

Xavier Alberti, general manager of Châteaux & Hôtels Collection, said: "We are pleased that our hoteliers can offer the Airbnb community, with more than 140 million guest arrivals, the chance to discover their most unique rooms. This meeting is first and foremost the meeting of two travel actors, two innovative actors, who refuse preconceived ideas and who share the same vision of hospitality: travel must first and foremost be an experience. We are convinced that this partnership, between two complementary players in the world of travel, is at the service of the travellers of the world."

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