Historic Derry buildings set for boutique hotel conversion

George Sell By George Sell
27 January 2015 | Updated 27 January 2015

UK: Derry in Northern Ireland is set to get two new boutique hotels.

UK: Derry in Northern Ireland is set top get two new boutique hotels.

The former Northern Counties Club on Bishop Street is being converted into a 31-bed hotel, and a former bank building on Shipquay Street will be turned into a 20-bed hotel.

Both projects have received funding from the Department for Social Development and Department of Environment, and 77 new jobs will be created by the two projects.

Helen Quigley, Mark H Durkan, John Meehan, Mervyn Storey and Karl Pederson.

Work on the building in Shipquay Street is due to be completed in March while its counterpart on Bishop Street will open in the summer.

Social development minister Mervyn Storey said: "The projects are a major boost to the local economy, providing jobs for the local hospitality sector, as well as the construction jobs needed to undertake the work."

Environment minister Mark Durkan said: "Derry's built heritage is a unique attraction for tourists and investors and a source of pride for locals. It is important that we strive together to realise its full potential."

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