Film producer Walson opens Florida boutique hotel

George Sell By George Sell
12 November 2014 | Updated 12 November 2014

US: Film and Broadway producer Edward Walson has opened a 12-rrom boutique luxury hotel in Deerfield Beach.

Walson says the Royal Blues Hotel at 45 NE 21st Ave is a reflection of his love of art and the ocean: "I work in the arts and I've got a little bit more of an appreciation for art than the regular person."

The oceanfront property features nine rooms and three suites, a seafood-themed restaurant headed by Michelin Star trained chef Kei Kurobe, a wine lounge, fitness centre and swim spa.

Walson said he was drawn to Deerfield Beach because of its 1960s California feel and surf culture: "I have a great love for Florida and am fascinated by the ocean. It's got energy and a magnetism that is inexplicable."

"I think this is a just a different part of America," he said of Deerfield. "I think it would be a great respite for some of the Hollywood celebrities that I do some movies with to come here and I think they would be probably less bothered at a small intimate hotel like this, than they would at a larger property on South Beach. They can kind of go under the radar here and also they might even culturally enjoy it more."

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