Latest GreenLight report reveals UK boutique hotels dominate online searches

George Sell By George Sell
07 October 2013 | Updated 07 October 2013

UK: Boutique hotel queries for UK properties outnumber those in short- and long-haul destinations by three to one in UK web searches.

The latest analysis of specialist hotels search data in the UK from leading independent digital marketing agency GreenLight reveals there were three times as many online searches for lifestyle and boutique hotels in the UK than there were for those located in short-haul and long-haul destinations combined.
The agency's Boutique Hotels Sector Report - Issue 3 found that in August, consumers made a total of 136,650 searches on Google UK for "small, fashionable, luxury and trendy hotels".
Of the total, 57 per cent were for accommodation in the UK compared to 17 per cent in short-haul and just three per cent in long-haul destinations.
On the domestic front, the term 'boutique hotels london' was the most queried term, accounting for seven per cent of searches made for boutique hotels in the UK. Of the ten most popular search terms used, four pertained to the UK capital. Other popular local spots UK consumers sought this style of accommodation in included Brighton, the Lake District and Edinburgh.
On the continent, despite consumer online searches for boutique accommodation in Paris being prevalent, Spanish destinations proved more popular. Ibiza, Barcelona, Majorca and Majorca's Puerto Pollensa, featured in five of the top ten queries. Combined, they accounted for a 13 per cent share of the 23,800 UK consumer online queries for boutique lodgings in short-haul destinations.
Further afield, New York, Istanbul and Singapore, were the prime long-haul locations.
Greenlight charted the most visible websites to consumer searches for boutique hotels overall and also split by destination, in the organic and paid media listings. was the most visible website for specialist lodgings both in domestic and short-haul destinations, attaining a 39 per cent and 20 per cent share of visibility, respectively, in the organic listings. In the case of long-haul destinations, was the most visible capturing 16 per cent.
However, in the paid listings, was the most visible site for both domestic and long-haul related queries, achieving a 40 per cent share of voice in the former and 39 per cent in the latter., with 34 per cent, was the most prominent site in the case of short-haul searches.
Greenlight's report also shows that over 65 per cent of the 40 most prominent sites to consumer searches for boutique hotels, had no visibility in the organic listings, instead relying solely on that garnered via paid ad listings on Google, to attract the searchers' attention.

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