HotelTonight buys restaurant booking app PrimaTable

05 October 2012 | Updated 05 October 2012

US: Boutique hotel booking app builder acquires former Google employees in deal

HotelTonight has taken over PrimaTable, a "data-savvy restaurant booking app". The company says the deal was done for talent acquisition reasons, and plans to employ PrimaTable's lead data scientists to work on optimizing its last-minute yield-management for boutique hotels.

PrimaTable co-founder Jamie Davidson has been made vice president of product. Prior to co-founding PrimaTable, he worked at Google on its display algorithm. Colin Zima becomes lead data scientist. Before co-founding PrimaTable, he spent four years working on Google's search ranking algorithms.

Sam Shank, CEO of HotelTonight, told Tnooz: "We're not on a buying spree and we're not looking to acquire companies to run. But we may be looking at talent acquisitions that are tactical and fill particular gaps in what we need. Products for restaurants and hotels are similar: fixed cost products that are perishable and experience variable demand. These are two very smart individuals who have given a lot of thought to the dynamics behind such products. This will bring our apps one big step closer to perfecting the first ever real-time commerce platform to power the mobile generation."

HotelTonight said it had no plans to move in to the restaurant sector, and was committed to focusing on the hotel market.

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